Grade 2 Visits MFA for Cross-Curricular Family Unit

Grade 2 Visits MFA for Cross-Curricular Family Unit

Second graders and their chaperones embarked on an exciting and educational journey to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston as a part of their ongoing exploration of "Family" for the second-grade Family Unit. The trip was a perfect opportunity to connect the concepts they have been learning about in the classroom and art room with real-world experiences.

During our visit to the museum, our young art enthusiasts were engaged in an interactive scavenger hunt. Their mission is to not only get acquainted with the art museum but to discover and appreciate the significance of family in art across various cultures and throughout different time periods. From ancient family depictions to contemporary artworks, the students had a hands-on experience that truly brought the importance of family to life.

As they wandered through the galleries, they encountered a diverse array of artistic expressions showcasing the central role of families in society. This immersive experience helped our students gain a deeper understanding of how family has been depicted and valued across different cultures and eras.

Many students had never experienced an art museum before so it was important for them to recognize how the museum is designed so they can soon set up their own Family Museum. One of the highlights of our visit was observing the labels and descriptions accompanying the artworks at the Museum of Fine Arts. These labels provided valuable insights into the artists' intentions and the historical context of each piece. Our students will be inspired by these labels as a model for how they will arrange and label their own art.

In the spirit of bringing this experience back to our own classroom, our second graders will soon be curating their own "Family Museum." They will carefully select and label their own artworks, just like they saw at the MFA, and proudly present their creations during the Family Museum Celebration. This project encourages them to take pride in their artistic accomplishments and provides an opportunity for their loved ones to celebrate and appreciate their work as if it were displayed in a real museum.

This museum trip has been a wonderful new addition to the Family Unit and a great way to bridge our classroom studies with the broader world of art and culture. Having students experience the museum has deepened their understanding of the family unit's significance, both historically and artistically, and has ignited the students' creativity and enthusiasm for their upcoming family art exhibition.