Students Rock the Vote on Election Day

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Derby Academy, Hingham, Lower School Voting, Election Day

As Americans headed to the polls on Election Day, Derby Academy students were casting their own ballots during a school-wide election on November 3.
While the electoral college and key battlegrounds across the country decide the result of the presidential election, students across divisions voted on important measures that included lunch choices for students, removing the electoral college, supporting driverless cars, and parental limits on screen time. 
Throughout the day, students were able to cast their ballots in their respective classrooms, homerooms, and advisories, and after a day of voting, the results are in:

Lower School 
Should Friday sandwiches come on wraps or bread?
Bread: 85
Wraps: 43
Write-In/Draw-in Votes: Pizza (4); Cupcakes (1)
Middle School
Should parents decide the amount of screen time for 4th and 5th graders?
Grade 4: 27 Yes, 13 No
Grade 5: 16 Yes, 21 No
Total: 43 Yes, 34 No
Upper School

Grade 6: Replace Electoral College: 24 yea, 18 nay.       
Support Driverless Cars: 22 yea, 20 nay.
Grade 7: Replace Electoral College: 26 yea, 14 nay.        
Support Driverless Cars: 17 yea, 21 nay.
Grade 8: Replace Electoral College: 15 yea, 13 nay.  
Support Driverless Cars:16 yea, 12 nay.
Replace Electoral College:  65 - 45 (the yeas have it.)      
Supporting Driverless Cars:  55 - 53 (the yeas have it.)
(tallies include some abstentions)
Thank you to all the students who rocked the vote!