Helpful Screen Monitoring Tips for Parents

There are so many positive and wonderful parts of our online world and social media. Yet it's no secret that parenting during the screen-age comes with a new set of concerns and worries. 
How much is too much time? 
How do we monitor this?
How do we teach resilience and self-love when social media is so hard on self-esteem?

Helpful Screen Monitoring Tips:

  • Talk about social media behavior and expectations on a regular basis. Tie in empathy and how online actions can impact others and self. 
  • Listen to your child's wishes about online time and set boundaries together. Have "family meetings" which can reduce "family fights" and you can always adjust family tech time.
  • Sleep deprivation is a major issue these days and it is vital to put screens away 30–60 minutes before bedtime. Good sleep ensures better mood and overall health. 
  • Build up self-confidence on and off of screens.