How to Help Children Transition Back to School this Fall

During the summer months, routines are relaxed, bedtimes are extended, and activities are endless, making the transition back to school in late August a difficult feat. Whether children are heading back on campus or continuing remote learning, it is important to start slowly transitioning them back into a routine to prepare them for the school days ahead. 

Helpful Tips to Get Children Back into a Routine:

  • Establish a routine 1–2 weeks prior to returning to school
  • Start having an earlier bedtime
  • Wake up early
  • Set up a social distant outside playdate or facetime call with a classmate
  • Purchase school supplies to get children excited about returning 
  • Do fun educational math and writing worksheets
  • Accept their feelings of uncertainty and nervousness
  • Problem-solve together
  • Focus on what you can control
  • Explore the positives and listen to the negatives
  • Revisit rules and good hygiene practices
  • Talk to them about new on-campus protocols to help them stay healthy and safe