How Technology Supports Relationships in Remote Learning

Remote learning may bring on its challenges, but with the support of technology and innovation,  Derby offers a comprehensive program that maintains one of the most important cornerstones of our values—our relationships.

Our faculty are dedicated to engaging our students intellectually and socially by devoting their time and effort to ensure that each child is known. Last spring, we built a successful remote learning program focused on implementing all the wonderful differentiation and enrichment we’d normally do in person with our small class sizes.

Utilizing multiple technology platforms, our Remote Learning Program is conducted through Zoom meetings, Google Classroom assignments, and online educational platforms like SeeSaw, FlipGrid, and EdPuzzle.

Our programming and values haven’t changed; they’re just accomplished a little differently—we're still able to achieve our goals and maintain positive connections and relationships with the support of technology. 

Here are some of the ways technology supports relationships during remote learning:

  1. Staying a Community
    Utilizing Zoom for community engagement allows for face-to-face communication and supports the value of “seeing” one another. Hosting virtual group discussions for our community like Parent Coffees provides a platform for real conversations and the opportunity to ask questions. 
  2. Keeping Connections
    We value staying connected as a community and use Zoom to support weekly morning meetings, allowing opportunities for community announcements, performances, and presentations amongst the Middle and Upper School students and faculty. Having this weekly engagement helps our community stay connected with school news and seeing friendly familiar faces on the screen. 
  3. Continuing Our Learning
    Live class sessions held over Zoom for math lessons, reading groups, writing workshops, and more help maintain a classroom atmosphere with faculty continuing the curricula and providing academic support. 
  4. Being There for Eachother
    Opportunities for one-on-one video Zoom meetings between faculty and students provide children with a comfortable space to feel known and supported. Faculty encourage and mentor students and continue to strive for excellence. 
  5. Staying Active
    Our Athletic Department is committed to helping students stay active during remote learning. Providing fun fitness activities like at-home obstacle courses or virtual field days bring our community together to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Students are encouraged to film some of their creative fitness activities to share with teachers and classmates.
  6. Smiles are Contagious 
    Coming together to share moments of joy and laughter is important to maintaining the connections and bonds within our community. Having virtual dance parties over Zoom lets students and faculty connect, and share a laugh as they blast their favorite tunes. 
  7. Staying Creative
    Shifting our Brown Art Gallery to an online experience allows students to log on and virtually walk through an art gallery featuring their classmate’s designs and celebrate their creativity. 
  8. Sharing Student Voices
    Read all about it! Creating collaborative writing experiences like online student newspapers give our students a creative voice and allows them to share their important ideas with their peers.
  9. Keeping Imagination Alive
    Our younger students watch and listen to their favorite stories being read by their teachers helps keep their imaginations alive and active.