COVID-19 Just Completely Changed Schools’ Admission Process

There’s no doubt the secondary school admission process will look different this year. Each school is adjusting to the limitations placed upon them by their state, their campus layout, and the school’s updated visitor policies. Travel bans, limitations on gatherings, and testing is all taking place. Each school will need to find ways to welcome families to their campus and at the same time, each family will find new ways of experiencing their favorite schools. Virtual visits are helpful to find a school, but what about how COVID-19 is affecting applying to schools?

What will that process look like, and how can your child be prepared? 

Helping students (and parents!) navigate the process will be key. That’s where our dedicated Secondary School Placement Office comes in. We make sure nothing is missed and your child’s best self is presented to secondary school admission committees—pandemic or not.  

This year, secondary schools will place an even greater emphasis on your student’s academic record and recommendations, their interview, and essays. It’ll be critical to have faculty who know your student well, and be able to write comprehensive, thoughtful letters of recommendation. Having a placement class, such as ours, will be crucial to continue working with students on essay writing and interviewing skills. Being sure your child is comfortable speaking about themselves, their accomplishments, interests, leadership opportunities, and how they’ve given back to their community—regardless of the format—will be important. Students will need to hone their ability to write succinct essays for their applications and answer the important questions Admission officers will be asking during interviews. Having your child attend a school with an engaging academic program and committed teachers who know your child well will be more important than ever.

Leveraging the resources of your school’s Placement Office will be crucial. At Derby, we’re taking the extra steps to ensure that our families and Upper School students are well prepared for attending high school in the fall of 2021. 

Learn more about our Secondary School Placement Office.

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