6 Reasons Why Kids Need Summer Camp More Than Ever

Summer camps are more than just a way to pass the long, hot summer months—they’re where lifelong memories are made, friendships begin, and children discover new passions. With COVID-19 impacting our favorite summertime routines, many programs have come to a halt and summer boredom seems inevitable.

Now more than ever, children are looking to their favorite camp for a return to “normalcy” and a place to stay connected with friends—and make new ones. For 32 years, Derby Summer Arts has been bringing the extended South Shore communities together for a summer full of fun and creative expression, and this season will be no exception. While this year’s programming may look a bit different, here’s why kids need summer camp more than ever this year.

Friends for Life

Some of our best friends are from summer camp! Campers come from a variety of towns, bringing together different communities, ideas, and cultures that create the ultimate environment for learning, growth, and building lasting friendships. For 32 years, Derby Summer Arts has been bringing Derby students and kids from neighboring towns like Duxbury, Hanover, Weymouth, and Quincy, among others, together for a summer of fun.

Building Confidence

Children flourish when they’re supported in their creativity. Derby Summer Arts courses are led by supportive, caring, and professional artists who understand and appreciate the creative process. Having a safe place like Derby gives campers the confidence to explore new interests.

New Passions

Where else can you create your own MLB franchise, hone your standup comedy skills, and bring your own superheroes to life? Derby Summer Arts offers something for everyone—visual art, hip hop dance, drama, guitar, photography, and writing—tons of ways for children to discover new passions this summer.

Connecting with the Environment

Exploring the outdoors is a vital part of the camp experience. Connecting with nature is vital to child development and creates a better understanding and respect for our environment. Being able to see, hear, smell, and touch the world around them encourages exploration and is important for childhood growth. Derby Summer Arts’ Wild Child course gives campers the chance to explore, document, and create based on their experiences outside. Campers can look forward to making nature mandalas, shadow drawings, and mud portraits!


Keeping the mind active and engaged has positive impacts on childhood growth and development. Derby Summer Arts provides extensive learning and creative programs in the visual and performing arts that keeps the imagination alive. Whether it’s through creating costume designs, working on acting skills, taking photographs, or drawing comic book characters the opportunities are endless.

You Need a Break

The summer months are a much-needed break from online coursework. Distance learning has meant parents are often co-teaching partners and are just as eager for some downtime. Children benefit from a daily routine and courses in drama, theatre, dance, and other daily activities, help bring a structured day and some stability to these unstable times.