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Three Centuries of Educational Leadership

With ties to George Washington, John Hancock, and some of the earliest visionaries in this country’s history, Derby Academy has been a leader in education for over 230 years.

Founded in 1784 by Sarah Derby as one of the earliest coeducational schools in the country and the oldest co-educational independent school in New England, Derby continues to focus on the ideas of community, generosity, and the vision of providing children with the best education available. 

The vision of Sarah Derby has impacted countless generations of families. Now in our third century, we remain true to our school’s motto: Improve Both Mind and Heart. Dedicated faculty, innovative curriculum, and an array of community and leadership opportunities continue to ensure children are supported in their academic and social development, enabling students to become lifelong learners and successful members of their community. 

Sarah Derby, History, Hingham, Derby Academy

It all started with a woman’s vision of equality and a hope for the town’s children.

Derby Academy, Hingham, Old Derby, South Shore, Private School