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Over the past few weeks, our community has responded to this difficult time with cooperation, compassion, and generosity. These stories of hope, engagement, empathy, and inspiration are at the core of our community and a crucial component of Derby's mission.

By helping others, we are helping ourselves and making a difference in the world. Whether assisting those in need through medical treatment, material assistance, or simply a comforting word or thoughtful gesture, we can all make a positive contribution—and by doing so, increase our own sense of connection and wellbeing.

Over the next six weeks, we’ll focus on important themes, and we’ll share stories of our students, families, and alumni who are spreading kindness.

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Reconnect and Re-engage…We are a family. And we care about YOU. Share stories of how you are reconnecting with classmates and others both in and outside of the Derby community.


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This spring, we’re excited to be launching DerbyConnect, a free online directory for alumni 18+.

This resource will allow you to easily find classmates, network with alumni/ae in your field, search by location using the map feature, and submit class notes. 

Creating more opportunities for our community to connect in meaningful ways and reengaging members of our alumni family is crucial during such an unprecedented time.

DerbyConnect reminds ourselves that “social distancing” is about creating physical space, not about disconnecting from the family, friends, and communities that help us feel anchored in the midst of turmoil.

Login instructions will be sent to the primary email addresses of our alumni in our database. If you did not receive an email, please let us know. We can resend the invitation or update our records to your preferred email address. If you have any problems logging in, do not hesitate to contact Derby at

Log in, find classmates, network with alumni, and share your story of how you’re reconnecting.


Share How YOU Care!




Reach out to those in your circle —your friends, your extended family, or your neighbors.

Let them know you care and are there for them. 


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Examples and Suggestions:


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Recipe Swap

Share your favorite recipes! Make some muffins, bake a cake, or even some Derby Slush! Download and decorate your Derby Chef hat and show off your culinary flair!

Download Your Chef Hat

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Chicken Wrap with Cucumber Salad 

-from Sarah P'24  

Download Recipe

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Letter Writing

Now is the perfect time to pen a hand-written letter to friends and family. Find a stamp and mail them a kind message to reconnect. Grade 3 launched "Operation Gratitude" and wrote "thank you" letters to first-responders!

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Kindness Rocks

Grow your Kindness Garden! Write positive, supportive messages of encouragement, place them around your home or property, and brighten someone's day!

Evelyn'26 decorated and delivered over two dozen Kindness Rocks with thoughtful messages to her neighbors—she's even received responses from neighbors she hadn't met yet! 



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Simple Safe Service Projects

Engage your students or children at home with meaningful projects by following Learning to Give’s Simple Safe Service guides!


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Reach out to those in our community who are on the front line of the pandemic. Let those in our community know how much we appreciate their assistance. 


Derby has alumni, parents of alumni, current parents, and many friends of the school who are helping as healthcare workers, emergency personnel, and assisting those who need it most.

Grace Galko'15

Examples and Suggestions:

Provide Protection

Join others in our community by providing PPE (personal protective equipment) like respirator masks, gloves, goggles, and face masks. Derby faculty member and STEM Curriculum Coordinator Kathleen Malone is 3D printing protective masks for healthcare workers with the help of 3D printers from the school’s MakerSpace. Read More >


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Support the Relief Effort

Put your Derby sewing skills into practice and help make face masks for healthcare workers and those who are in-need. Derby sewing instructor Ms. Caulfield has a helpful template to get you started.

Mask Template


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Mark Your Calendar:

Teacher Appreciation Day is May 5 and Mother’s Day is May 10. Be sure to say "thank you" to the other "essential" people in your life.


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Don’t forget to take care of yourself! Keep in mind that you can only help others if you’re helping yourself first –physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  

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Examples and Suggestions:



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1,784 Miles Challenge

Lace up and log on! Stay active and run, walk, skip, or jump a total of 1,784 miles as a community!


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Thank you to Amanda Shields'90 P'23,'24,'27 and Brittany Staples of Krigsman Yoga for hosting two, free yoga sessions for our community!



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Focus Inward

School Counselor Julie Browne has provided  structured guides and lessons for staying healthy and productive. Visit her Counselor's Corner for helpful resources.

Counselor's Corner




Health Tips From Lisa Cummings '83

Alum and former health and nutrition coach Lisa Cummings '83 shares health tips and her favorite chocolate smoothie recipe.


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Mentoring others is important, not only because of the knowledge and skills you can pass on to others, but it also provides professional socialization and personal support to facilitate success in others. Quality mentoring greatly improves mentee’s success.

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Examples and Suggestions:

Derby Academy, Hingham, Mentorship

Discover the Past

The School's long history and strong relationship with Old Derby and the Hingham Historical Society continues. Visit their site to explore the past and submit your own story of life during the pandemic.




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Connect With Your Pal

They'd love to hear from you! Send them a message, write them a note, and develop your relationship with your pal.




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Become a Mentor

Visit our classrooms as a guest speaker, share your passion, and inspire our students. Whether as a member of our alumni family, a current parent, or friend of the School, we'd be more than happy to make introductions and welcome you to campus. 

Contact Us

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Celebrate our school and its founder, Madam Derby, with a gift in honor of her 306th birthday. Your support of Derby and its teachers is greatly appreciated!

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