Celebrating 100 Years on Broad Cove Campus

Over the course of the 2023-2024 academic year, Derby will be celebrating our campus centennial, marking 100 years on Broad Cove. 

Discover the History of the Campus

Anyone who has been a member of the Derby Academy community knows that there are certain ineffable qualities that make the School such a special place—one of them being it's location on the beautiful Broad Cove.

Campus Traditions Then & Now

Alumni Reminisce

Four alumni share fond memories and the impact that Derby had on their lives.

 Celebrating Our Campus Centennial Through Art

In the spring, students were asked to submit artwork to help celebrate the campus centennial on Broad Cove. Given words of inspiration like “improve both mind and heart,” “polar bear,” “100 years,” “Broad Cove,” “Burditt Ave,” “campus,” “centennial,” “celebrate,” “community,” and “Sarah Derby” students produced artwork in many different mediums to commemorate this historic milestone.

Alé Kiely '29

Brynn Dyer '26

Louisa Vanderweil '23


Izzy Stolzman '23

Guillermo Herencia Lopez '29

Greta Boucher '28

Hadley Waxman '29

Hannah Reinig '26

Luke deLaar '25

Reagan Davis '26

Perry Nadas '31

Sophie An '30

Odes to Derby

An ode poem is defined by the Poetry Foundation as “a formal, often ceremonious lyric poem that addresses and often celebrates a person, place, thing, or idea.” Utilizing the skills they learned from their poetry unit, Grade 2 students wrote an ode to Derby Academy using descriptive language to bring their ideas to life. Students used their knowledge gathered from field trips to Old Derby/Hingham Historical Society, as well as what they uncovered about Derby's history through campus tours, presentations, and guest speakers. Alongside their Ode Poem, students created colorful illustrations to represent their work.

Campus Reflections


“We have countless special memories of Derby but paramount among them were the times spent on the sidelines watching the kids compete on the 1784 field. The bonding, the camaraderie, the wins and losses, and the excitement were as much a part of the parents' experiences as they were for the students! Friendships were born and solidified on those sidelines, just as they were on the field—hours of cheering in support of our children with as much passion as we cheered on the children of others. Derby instilled this feeling in so many within the community; it was and always will be family to us.”

—Parents of Alumni P’12,’14,’17
Sarah Derby Hall

“What comes to mind for me is just the excitement of all the big events in Sarah Derby Hall during my years at Derby. I think back and it felt so big at the time! Everything from performing on stage for the Thanksgiving play in 3rd grade to hosting International Night in 5th grade and transforming the space for dances in 7th and 8th grade, it always felt like the hub of campus life. The growth and improvements across campus over the years have been amazing and I love that my kids get to experience Derby in an entirely new way while still keeping some of those spaces a part of student life!”

—Alumnus, Class of 1999
Derby Day

“Derby Day was a BIG event—for the whole family and for the whole school. There was an all-school pageant which was outside on the hillside. All students from K–Grade 9 were in the pageant (each grade had a different theme). There was a lot of time spent rehearsing, and it was just fun being outside and singing in the springtime and so forth. The pageant went on in the morning, followed by an Arts Department Open House showcasing student artwork, as well as their completed shop and sewing projects. There was a big tent out on the field where the graduation luncheon (including lobster salad) was served. Ninth graders marched in and sat at the “Head” table—it was quite formal. After lunch, everyone marched down to New North Church. Lower School students went down to Old Derby, had their Hoodsie cups and played on the playground. Once the ceremony was over in the church, students and their families also came back to Old Derby for a formal tea. It was a full day for ALL students.”

—Alumnus, Class of 1953

“I remember playing football in the fall and then ice hockey in the winter. We went down and skated in an area on the southwest side of campus that was made into a skating rink.  We’d have to go down and shovel it off, as there were just a few maintenance workers for the campus.”

—Alumnus, Class of 1947

Principals, Headmasters, and Heads of School Through the Years

1914 Marita Burdett,
1922 John R. P. French,
1930 Frederick G. Cherry,
1938  Harrison M. Davis, Jr.,
1947 Edward C. McEachron, 
1968  Thomas J. Waters,
1987  John A. Pistel,
1992  Edward R. Foley,
2007 Andrea Archer,
Head of School
2014  Deborah Dana Callahan ’59,
Interim Head of School
2015  Joseph J. Perry, Jr.,
Head of School
2020 Thomas J. Reid,
Interim Head of School
2021  Colleen M. Ramsden,
Head of School