Summer Arts Specialty Week


July 29-August 2, 2024  |  MON–FRI  |  9AM–2PM

For 6–16 years olds: Enjoy a week of exploration and discovery with specialized camp offerings in STEAM, musical theatre, visual arts, and more! 

Registration opens through CampBrain on Wednesday, January 10 at 8:00 AM

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Each day campers stay with the same group. Campers bring lunch each day. Campers are picked up at 2:00 PM.

On Friday, August 2 , at 1:00 PM there will be an Open Art Gallery, performances showcasing the week and Open Houses for the Stem Cell Robotics camps.  Families are invited.

Neighborhood Playhouse

Ages 6 & 7 
Campers will participate in a variety of activities which will include drumming, art, and outdoor recreational games.  Join the Neighborhood Playhouse  for some old-fashioned fun with a large dose of imagination! 

Art Studio!

Ages 8–11
During this Specialty Week, students will use their imaginations to explore different kinds of art projects;  crafts, painting and drawing, and more! Independence is encouraged, but children will receive plenty of individual attention with their work throughout this fun week. Be ready to roll up your sleeves and create!

Fishing Camp

AGES 9–13  
Fishing Camp teaches campers the basics of fishing, such as setting up a rod and reel, baiting the hook, casting and handling the fish. We will travel to a new fishing hole each day. Fishing equipment is included.

Fab Lab: 3-D Printing - FULL

Ages 10–14
Imagine, invent, design, tinker, and make—come learn how to use the innovative design tools in Derby's MakerSpace! Jewelry, fidgets, light up fashion, and problem solving gadgets are among the creations that are possible in this week long camp. Experience the intersection of science, technology, engineering, math, and the arts while creating with our vinyl cutter, 3D printer, laser cutter, and circuitry station. 

Musical Theatre Workshop

Ages 11–16
Students will study acting, voice, and dance as they explore the world of musical theatre. Using improvisational theatre techniques, they will work on the development of vocal, movement, and characterization skills and to trust their creative instincts. Vocal workshops will focus on teaching students about breathing, pitch, phrasing, and vocal tone. There will be an opportunity to work on scripted scenes and musical numbers from popular Broadway musicals. If you love the performing arts, this is the specialty camp for you!

STEM Cell Robotics Company Workshops

Director: John Giarratana


Ages  8–14
Not your typical woodworking program! Camp starts off with each student building a small workbench that will be used through the week and goes home at the end of the week.  Kids will have tons of fun learning basic woodworking skills in a safe and supervised environment using traditional hand and power tools to create several projects. Each camper will build and take home a life size Minecraft character!  Each day includes ample outdoor breaks and play time.

Video Game Coding and Design

Ages 8–12

Why play games when you can make them instead?! Students jump right into video game design using the Microsoft Make Code development platform. Makecode’s intuitive coding interface allows students to quickly create impressive interactive games.  Each day the students will have fun creating a new game while learning fundamental computer science concepts! At the end of the week students will have a small portfolio of their projects. All of the games and projects will be accessible online after the class.


Ages 8–12

Let's build robots this summer! Robotics is the intersection of engineering, coding, electronics, math and science! In this exciting high tech camp kids will build robots and experiment with pre- built robots from irobot and mbot. Through a variety of challenging projects, students will be introduced to core robotic components and concepts including motors, sensors, LEDs, batteries, microcontrollers, coding, and algorithm development.