Derby is, above all else, a community - one that emphasizes the participation of students, staff, and parents. Whether you join a Pre-Kindergarten class for a cooking lesson, chaperone a Middle School class trip, or work behind the scenes at the Derby Fall Fair, you'll have ample opportunity to contribute to your child's learning environment and to become a member of a unique community.

For Derby parents, "back to school" takes on a whole new meaning

Throughout the school year, the Derby community has numerous parent-inclusive events. From September's Curriculum Nights, which allow you a glimpse at your child's new classroom and a chance to greet other parents, to June's Derby Day processional and the sweet closure it brings to the school year, you can participate in the full range of experience that Derby offers.

You may be surprised to find that your child's school community becomes an important part of your world, too.

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"Derby is a special place where we see our children excited to go to school and be part of a vibrant community where they may safely explore new ideas, develop meaningful friendships, and have a lot of fun." 

Maria and Rob Fawcett P’18,’19,’21

2023-2024 Derby Family Connect

President: Jessie Lubitz
Vice President: Emily Brooks
Treasurer: TBD
Secretary: Courtney Stephens
Communications: Lauren Frazier

Pre-Kindergarten: Lauren Frazier, Haley Nadas
Kindergarten: Nora Decembrele, Carrie Waxman
Grade 1: Michelle Vandamme, Erin Orpik
Grade 2: Kara Palermo, TBD
Grade 3: Allison Duffy, Maggie Carter
Grade 4: Jody De Greve, Brooke Brown
Grade 5: Sarah Hegge, Lisa Fideli
Grade 6: Meagan Carson, Michelle Camuso
Grade 7: Hélène Drew, Sanghamitra Mohanty
Grade 8: Sara Ader, Charlene Bregoli

Athletics—Girls: Heather Dwyer
Athletics—Boys: Linnea Holmes
Derby Serves Co-Chairs: Maggie Levy, Robin O’Malley
Derby Serves Parent Leadership Team: Courtney Stephens, Britt Gammell
Belonging at Derby Chair: Jenny Weymouth
Faculty Cards/Fund: Meghan MacMillan
Faculty Luncheon: Chair: Meredith Gubitosi, Committee: Meghan MacMillan, Amy Wilson
Green Space Team Chair: Nora Decembrele
New Family Coordinator PS/LS: Cristina Duggan
New Family Coordinator MS/US: Meagan Carson
PIN: Lara Thompson, Amy Gelnett
Upper School Semi: Chez Coyle, Amy Wilson, Linnea Holmes, Mary Kate Paris
Arts Ambassadors: Kaitlin Brophy, Emily Reinig

Derby Fair Co-Chairs: Lauren McElaney, Eleia Haywood
Art Tent: Kathy Deane, Taryn Miller
Food: Laura Lawrence, Sue Garland
Games: Meredith Gubitosi, Meredith McClellan


Derby Family Connect

As a Derby parent or guardian, you are automatically a member of Derby Family Connect. We provide opportunities to connect, communicate, support, and participate in the life of the school by contributing our time and efforts. We offer an array of student activities intended to promote school spirit and build community as well as show appreciation for our amazing faculty.

Derby Family Connect holds regular meetings, and all parents and guardians are welcome and encouraged to attend. These meetings are an excellent way to stay in tune with school happenings and school events as Derby Family Connect committee chairs and faculty are invited to speak.

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