Public Speaking

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Confident and Articulate Self-Expression

We foster a love of writing, authorship, and reading in our Middle and Upper Schoolers, as well as coach them to become confident, articulate “orators for life” through our public speaking program.

With a multitude of opportunities to address their peers and perform publicly, our students discover the art of the written and spoken word. Even our Primary and Lower School students have their chance to steal the spotlight during their theatrical performances and holiday concerts.

Speaking Program

public speaking, Derby Academy, Hingham

Our students begin to master the art of public speaking early in their Upper School years. With a signature public speaking program in Grade 8, students write, prepare, and deliver meaningful reflections on their young lives, often choosing to speak about their family, mentors, overcoming personal challenges, or the pursuit of their hopes and dreams.

In front of their Middle and Upper School peers and faculty, students are able to confidently deliver their speeches. In a culminating event, one Grade 8 student is selected to speak at Last Chapel and deliver an address to the community that reflects on their time at Derby as a student, as well as the important lessons they’ve learned.

Community Meetings

Public speaking, morning meeting, Derby Academy, Hingham

Throughout the week, students meet as a division to discuss curriculum, school events, or meaningful topics and conversations. Students and faculty in Grades 4-8 gather in Larson Hall to start their day together at Morning Meeting. Morning announcements are paired with musical performances, special presentations, and guest speakers as students directly address our Middle and Upper School community. 


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Through the Grade 6 and the Upper School musical productions, students discover hidden talents, express their creativity, and hone their public speaking skills on stage. Derby students learn how to present their original ideas, working through their sometimes hesitant first steps to gain confidence and self-mastery in front of audiences.  

Our younger students in Pre-K - Grade 5 are introduced to public speaking and performing through memorizing dialogue, music, and movement on the Larson Hall Stage. With past performances that include “The Rainbow Fish,” “The Tale of Peter Rabbit,” and “The Gingerbread Man,” students develop their confidence and learn to express their ideas with conviction.

Derby Academy, Hingham, South Shore, Private School, Public Speaking