In the Lower School, children are learning to be independent problem-solvers, to be allies to their peers, to think for themselves in ethical ways and to be accountable for their words and actions.

The Lower School Program

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    Teachers in the Lower School know each student well and believe in the essential link between relationship and learning. An understanding of each child’s personality, interests, skills and learning style creates the foundation of every school experience. A challenging academic program, motivated peer group and supportive teachers inspire Derby students to push their thinking and make deep connections within and across the important subject areas of literacy, reading, writing, mathematics, science, social studies and Spanish. Students engage in project-based studies throughout the year, which integrate the arts, technology, global studies, movement and physical education and infuse the school day with additional opportunities to connect and extend information. We believe that the door opens for life-long learning when excitement, inquiry, investigation, discovery and success are vibrant and present in our classrooms.
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    The Lower School is guided by the methods and strategies of The Responsive Classroom, a social curriculum which asserts that cognitive learning is enhanced through our interactions. In these grades, children are developing a greater awareness of others as they acknowledge the abilities and successes of classmates. They are learning to be independent problem-solvers, allies to their peers, to think for themselves in ethical ways and to be accountable for their words and actions. Cooperation, collaboration, self-control and respect for themselves, peers, adults and their environment are expected outcomes. The specific set of social skills and capacities each child acquires and practices at home and at school result in positive behavior, high self-esteem and responsible participation in our school community. We find that The Responsive Classroom approaches and strategies help us all carry out the motto, mission and core values of Derby Academy.

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Lower School Highlights

The student-teacher ratio of 6:1 ensures that all 54 of our faculty members get to know every child, whether as a teacher, mentor or coach. And from the classroom, to the lunchroom, to the sports field, the faculty support, nurture and guide students as they grow and strive to reach their full potential.
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