STEM Week Spotlights Design

Derby Academy participated in the second annual, statewide “STEM Week” from October 21-25, an effort put forth by Governor Baker in collaboration with the STEM Advisory Council, to highlight the connection of strong STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) education throughout Massachusetts. This year, the STEM Week theme was “See Yourself in STEM.”
The week began with an all-school design challenge during a Pals period, pairing older students with younger students to ask, imagine, plan, and create a number of activities involving the creative design process.
During the week, Derby highlighted specific STEM curriculum through all grade levels and divisions.
Pre-K students tested the effectiveness of a polar bear’s blubber against the arctic waters by designing a “butter barrier” for their hands - a tie in to their bear unit.  Lower School students also used a variety of objects to design the tallest structure during their PE unit, and Grade 1 students constructed spooky “spider webs” using mini marshmallows and toothpicks.
Grade 5‘s design skills were put to the test as students used limited supplies to create the tallest observation deck that also held the most people. Grade 6 used conductive thread and LED lights to illuminate components of their sewing projects; they also continued with the development and design of sustainable cities for the Future Cities Competition.
The MakerSpace was busy with activity as classes designed “musicians” to drum along with the beat using their robotics kits, and students in Grades 7 and 8 used BlocksCAD coding to create a 3D design.
Thanks to all the faculty who incorporated all the fun and engaging STEM activities into their lessons- we look forward to continuing our creative thinking and designing throughout the year!
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