Derby Spirit Shines at Field Day

Students rallied on the playing fields across campus for a day of friendly competition during Field Day on Friday, June 7. A tradition that dates back to 1953, it’s one of the highlights of the year for Middle and Upper School students.
Students compete in a variety of track and field events like the hurdles, the three-legged race, obstacle courses, the long jump, and the culminating event, Tug of War. Ribbons are awarded to students taking first, second, or third place in their events.
Continuing a long-standing Derby tradition, students are assigned to one of four teams. Boys are either assigned to be a member of the Lights or Darks (after the light and dark shades of blue that are the School colors); and girls are either Derbies or Toppers (Derbies is derived from the School’s name, and Toppers was most likely chosen as a match-up to represent an alternative traditional hat).
Every year, each team elects Grade 8 captains as the Spirit Team leaders. This year, the students elected were:
Derbies – Eliza Farley and Amelia Compson
Toppers – Ariana Anastos and Sophia Hansen
Lights – Ty Cashman and Calder Perry
Darks – Tochi Anuonyemere and Brendan McGovern
It was a day of school spirit, fun under the sun, and in the end the Derbies captured the win for the girls and the Lights reigned supreme for the boys!
Congratulations to everyone who participated!
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