Launched in the fall of 2016, the Derby Academy Speaker Series is a yearlong program designed to bring educational leaders and innovators to the South Shore. Speaking in the Healey Family Center for Innovation, a friendly and inviting setting, the series provides opportunities for parents, educators, and the community at large to discuss and engage in a range of topics with experts in the fields of educational philosophies, parenting, and growth. The Derby Academy Speaker Series is free and open to the public.
Becca Pizzi
Two-time World Marathon Challenge Winner

Becca Pizzi spoke to Derby about her exprience being the first American woman to complete, and win, the race that involves running seven marathons, on seven continents, in seven consecutive days-twice.

Megan Murphy
Founder of the Kindness Rocks Project

Megan Murphy, founder of the Kindness Rocks Project, visited to campus to speak with faculty, staff, parents, and students about her world-wide effort to cultivate meaningful connections and spread compassion through simple acts of kindness. 


Author, co-founder of the NFL Foundation-funded InSideOut Initiative

Joe Ehrmann, author of "InSideOut Coaching: How Sports Can Transform Lives," and co-founder of the NFL Foundation-funded InSideOut Initiative, an organization aimed at implementing education-based athletics that are co-curricular, character-based, and led by transformational coaching, shared his personal history and explained why and how he developed his groundbreaking coaching philosophy, and what other coaches and leaders can do to incorporate it into their program. 


Joe Ehrmann, an All-American football player, was named to Syracuse University’s All-Century Team, lettered in lacrosse and received the Arents Award, SU’s Most Distinguished Alumni honor for his contributions to society. Joe played professional football for 13 years and was named Baltimore Colt’s Man of the Year. He was the NFL’s first Ed Block Courage Award Recipient, and named “The Most Important Coach in America” by Parade Magazine. The Institute for International Sport named him one of The 100 Most Influential Sports Educators in America, and his revolutionary concepts of transformational coaching are the subject of his book, “InSideOut Coaching: How Sports Can Transform Lives.”  Joe is also the subject of The New York Times Best-Seller, “Season of Life:  A Football Star, a Boy, A Journey to Manhood.”  
Psychologist, Family Physician, Author
Dr. Leonard Sax, physician, psychologist, and author of four best-selling books for parents, presented, “The Collapse of Parenting: What you Need to Know in Order to be an Effective Parent in the 21st Century.” Dr. Sax explained some of today’s challenges facing parents and answered the questions: What do parents need to know, and do, in order to be effective in the modern world? What can you do to boost the odds that your child will grow up to be healthy, happy, and successful?

Dr. Leonard Sax is a psychologist and a practicing family physician best known as the author of four books for parents: Boys Adrift, Girls on the Edge, Why Gender Matters, and The Collapse of Parenting. Dr. Sax has been a guest on the TODAY Show, FOX News, National Public Radio, PBS, and many other national and international media. His articles have been featured in The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, and the web site of The New York Times, among many others.
Child and Family Psychologist on the Faculty of Harvard's Kennedy School of Government and School of Education.
Dr. Richard Weissbourd explored parenting trends during his presentation, “How do we Raise Caring, Ethical, and Happy Children?” Dr. Weissbourd discussed why, in the current socio-economic climate where tolerance and empathy seem to be in short supply, it’s more important than ever to help kids develop these skills. 

Dr. Weissbourd is a child and family psychologist and a senior lecturer of Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government and Graduate School of Education, where he directs the Human Development and Psychology Program. His work focuses on moral development, vulnerability and resilience in childhood and effective schools, and services for children. Dr. Weissbourd co-directs the Making Caring Common Project, a national effort to make moral and social development priorities in child-raising and to provide child caring strategies to schools and parents.   He has advised on the city, state, and federal levels on family policy and school reform and has written for numerous scholarly and popular publications and blogs, including The New York Times, The Washington Post and NPR. He is the author of The Vulnerable Child: What Really Hurts America’s Children and What We Can Do About It, named by the American School Board Journal as one of the top 10 education books of all time. His most recent book, The Parents We Mean to Be: How Well-Intentioned Adults Undermine Children's Moral and Emotional Development, was named by The New Yorker as one of the top 24 books of 2009.

Executive Director of the Connecticut Association of Independent Schools
Dr. Douglas J. Lyons, executive director of the Connecticut Association of Independent Schools, presents “Return on Investment: Why an Independent School Education is Worth the Cost.” Dr. Lyons’ lecture will discuss the significance of the school environment and the critical role of emotion in the development of the ideal graduate, the life-long learner. Dr. Lyons will share research and personal anecdotes from the 40 years he has spent working with students and families, illustrating the influences that shape a child’s journey from innocence to maturity
Dr. Lyons has been the executive director of the Connecticut Association of Independent Schools since July 2004. A graduate of Villanova University, he has Masters and Doctoral degrees from The University of Pennsylvania. He began his career in public education, serving for twenty years in the New Jersey public schools as a teacher, coach, school principal and superintendent of schools. Dr. Lyons has taught students at every level of education: lower, middle and upper school, undergraduate and graduate school.
In 1992, he accepted the position of headmaster of the Greenwich Country Day School, Connecticut’s largest independent school. Dr. Lyons’ publications on education and on parenting have appeared in local, state and national journals and in the popular media, including Independent School magazine, The New England Independent School Guide, Executive Educator, Connecticut Magazine and The New York Times.


Psychologist and author

Speaking with an audience in the Healey Family Center for Innovation, Dr. Bryan discussed ways to keep pace with the social changes in our culture and classrooms, and how students, families, and schools can work together in understanding these powerful components of development in Pre-K-12 children and adolescents. Dr. Bryan led a private, illuminating workshop exclusively for Derby parents to discuss individual and collective experiences, and answer questions about how to approach the topics of gender and sexuality with compassion and understanding.

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