The Jay Sadlon Children's Garden is a living resource for all divisions of our Derby community. The children grow perennial herbs, flowers, vegetables, garlic, sunflowers and gourds. The season begins with soil preparation, followed by planting of seeds and seedlings. We plant early and late crops so that the children can enjoy harvesting and eating fresh produce in both spring and fall. Gardening projects are incorporated into curriculum units including science, environmental studies, nutrition and art.

Students, teachers and parent volunteers share the responsibility for maintaining this organic garden. As in past years, we invite families to help tend the garden from mid-June through August. Watering is now done through the Derby sprinkler system connected to our campus well.

We depend on help from within our community to keep the garden plants growing vigorously throughout the summer months. If you see a weed, please pull it; if you see flowers and mature vegetables, please pick them. We have two compost bins that families are welcome to use. Gloves and tools are in the grey storage box inside the garden fence.

Your help is greatly appreciated by all, especially by the children who have gardened enthusiastically in earlier months. Thank you!

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