Visual Arts

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In the visual arts, our students discover that true artistic expression requires the disciplined development of technical skills that will help them convey their personal vision.  

Visual Arts open up a child’s perception of the world. Through expression and observation, they realize new dimensions of the human experience, gain an appreciation for conceptual thinking, and build the foundation skills that will help them convey their personal vision.

Students enter the art studio with bright smiles, hugs, and eager anticipation. The Lower School has a family feel where students and teachers form close relationships and work together to accomplish imaginative projects. I appreciate the spirit of curiosity, collaboration, and creativity that is present at Derby! 

Rachel Dranoff, Lower School Art Teacher

Derby Academy, art, visual art

Our Visual Arts Program introduces students to the language of visual art. With focused application of mind, heart, eyes, and hands, students explore 2D and 3D media. Our program strives to promote development in these key areas:

  • Skills and Technique
  • Observation
  • Imagination
  • Risk-taking
  • Self-expression

Primary/Lower School Art

The Primary/Lower School visual arts curriculum offers students a wide range of art experiences. Course content often follows the classroom curriculum, building on prior knowledge as skills and interests develop. Primary and Lower School children learn how art links us to cultural traditions and human history. Student enthusiasm drives a lively program that engages and challenges the young artist. 

Middle School Art

The Middle School visual arts curriculum fosters the understanding that art is a universal language and breaks down borders. The program strives to promote skills of observation, imagination, and critical thinking, with the goal of enabling students to understand and value expressions of art throughout their lives. 

Art, Derby Academy, Visual Arts

Upper School Art

Derby Academy, art, visual art

The Upper School visual arts program provides students with a variety of art elective courses for fostering individual creativity. Studio activities are designed to encourage the further growth of artistic style and self-expression, technical skill development, and design awareness. A broader, more sophisticated range of art materials, tools, and processes is available. While engaging in the creative process, students are encouraged to apply their understanding of art concepts and vocabulary to the critical analysis of their work. 

Derby Academy, Hingham, Private School, South Shore, Art