The Arts at Derby

Traditional disciplines, contemporary tools... creative confidence 

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      The Arts at Derby

Gaining mastery through disciplined practice
Derby students learn how to present their original ideas, working through their often hesitant first steps to gain confidence and self-mastery in front of audiences. They experience the hard work of focused practice and rehearsals to enjoy the satisfaction of producing  a great dramatic or musical performance. In the visual arts, they discover that true artistic expression requires the disciplined development of technical skills that will help them convey their personal vision. Through the applied arts, students  gain an appreciation for planning and spatial thinking skills that are proven assets in math, science and technical areas of study.  

Confident performance and self-expression
Through disciplined learning that leads to competence and confidence, Derby students feel the pride of accomplishment. They experience all areas of the arts at every grade level: music, drama, dance, painting, drawing, ceramics and applied arts. After-school programs enable them to further develop their performance skills with instrumental, music, drama, and movement lessons.

A community full of opportunities
From the youngest pre-kindergarten children to accomplished eighth graders, every Derby student has the opportunity to showcase his or her work on the Derby campus as well as in the greater community. Their artistic achievements are on display throughout the year in musical productions, concerts and visual arts exhibitions. Every spring, the Derby community celebrates their talent, creativity and hard work at the annual Arts Night and Arts Morning.
The best educational choice on the South Shore for Pre-K through Grade 8 education.