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Derby Academy became a big part of who you are, and you are still a big part of Derby!
There are thousands of Derby alumni across the world making a difference as artists, entrepreneurs, scholars, entertainers, scientists, educators, and community leaders; they're successful adults, meeting the demands of global citizenship with skills developed in Derby’s classrooms, labs, stages, and athletic fields.

Join your classmates and other alumni/ae in the Derby Alumni/ae Association to connect and remember the people who made a difference in your life, as well as the place that brought you together. 


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We are eager to hear from you, and so are your Derby classmates! Update your email address, mailing address, and cell number — and share news about the events in your lives (graduations, jobs, engagements, marriages, births, and more) in one of the following ways: 


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If you would like to help organize a class reunion, please contact please contact the Alumni/ae Office:

781-749-0746 x134


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DerbyConnect is a free online directory for alumni 18+.  Login with your primary email address in Derby’s database. If you do not remember, or have issues logging in, please let us know. We can resend the invitation or update our records to your preferred email address.  

This directory will allow you to easily find classmates, network with alumni/ae in your field, search by location using the map feature, and submit class notes.

If you have any problems logging in, do not hesitate to contact Derby at:

Where Does DerbyConnect Get its Data?

DerbyConnect uses a third party provider, Wavelength, to find public data about our members using data aggregators. All users will see a card on their profile if data has been added to their profile. Click here to learn more.

What is DerbyConnect's Data Accuracy?

DerbyConnect isn’t 100% accurate. Wavelength reports, “In our tests, 5-8% of additional data was inaccurate.” It is easy to delete any inaccuracy and link these profiles to a correct LinkedIn or Facebook profile. To learn more about data accuracy, click here

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In the spring of 2019, Derby Academy was alerted to a case of sexual abuse identifying Robert Stephen Phillips, who was employed at Derby from September of 1969 until June of 1973. Below are the communications that were presented to members of our community. Derby takes all reports of abuse seriously, and we encourage the reporting of any similar incidents so we can address concerns as swiftly and meaningfully as possible.

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