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Jenn Gannet, Derby Academy Parent

Jenn P'18,'25,'23

My children's favorite activity/things at Derby:
Ha! I polled my kids and all three gave “The food!” as their first answer. Finn said he loves the outdoor time and recess, and STEAM classes the most. Natalie said she loves the entire Derby community because it is welcoming and inclusive and you get to know everyone. Olivia, my Derby graduate, said the teachers are Derby’s biggest strength. She loved how helpful and communicative the teachers were, and feels they really prepared her to advocate for herself in high school.

About Me
We moved to Hingham and enrolled our kids at the Hingham public schools. We quickly realized we wanted a more personalized schooling experience. We wanted a school that sees our children as individuals, takes the time to make learning fun and hands-on, and cares about our children’s daily experience as a whole. We found all of this and more at Derby.

Most importantly, we found a community that makes an effort to include everyone—parents and children alike. School events help you to meet other parents right away and are fun opportunity for the kids to enjoy their classmates outside of the classroom. School plays and the art show are wonderful ways to socialize with other Derby families while enjoying the talents in our school. The PA is a welcoming group that offers many different options to volunteer around the school. 

You can participate as much or as little and you're always welcomed and appreciated. If the parents feel this embraced, you can only imagine how the kids feel everyday at school! My kids have always been happy and eager to bounce out of the car each morning and they greet me with a smile at pick-up. As a parent, you can’t ask for more than that!

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Allison Duffy, Derby Academy Parent

Allison P'29

My child's favorite activity/thing at Derby:
Our daughter loves everything about Derby Academy! She is excited to go to school every day and will run or skip into the building. If you had to make her choose, she would say that the teachers are her favorite. Their commitment and dedication to their students is amazing. We know that while our daughter is at school, she feels loved, supported, and encouraged.  As parents, we know that Derby will continue to challenge her academically and help her grow into a strong, confident adult.  

About Me
I am originally from the Midwest and consider myself very lucky to be so close to the ocean! Our daughter started at Derby Academy in Pre-K and we look forward to continuing at the school for many years.  As members of the Derby Community, I have been a Room Parent, a member of the Development Committee, and an Admissions Ambassador.  I love to share our Derby story and I look forward to talking with you soon!

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