Grade 8

The Grade 8 students are well- prepared for the challenges they will face in secondary school.

Each semester, the rigorous curriculum is enriched with both independent and collaborative projects. As leaders of the school, students have the opportunity to run all school morning meetings and lunch announcements, tour visitors around campus, organize all-school service and fundraising events and both present and facilitate discussions with peers.  

Students develop and strengthen skills needed to be effective leaders in a rapidly changing society. During the spring, our students compose and deliver a formal address to their teachers and peers as part of the public speaking program. 

The relationships that I build with my students - with entire families, in many cases - and with my colleagues are the backbone of and the impetus for the work I do here. That work is made joyful by this sense of community.

Rich Andriole, English Department Co-Chair

Derby Academy, Upper School, South Shore, Private School
Grade 8 Highlights
  • Upper School Musical
  • Grade 8 Speeches
  • Global Nomads Program
  • Wellness Collaborative 
  • Pals
  • Mystery Bus Trip
  • Student Dances
  • Choice of French, Spanish, or Latin
  • Electives in Visual, Performance, and Applied Arts
  • Overnight Sargent Center Outdoor Education Trip
  • Faculty vs Grade 8 Soccer Game

In the Classroom

Science classes address large scale geologic changes and plate tectonics, chemistry, and genetics through fieldwork, research reports, and laboratory investigations. Grade 8 students also participate in a four-week mini-course around growth and development, covering topics like STDs, contraception, consent, and proper nutrition. 

Our coordination with the Wellness Collaborative program works with students to discuss the underlying causes and responses to stress and self-esteem, and navigates topics like alcohol, drug use, and vaping.

Our Grade 8 students are able to apply their advanced foreign language skills in Spanish, French, and Latin by writing a full-page essay utilizing vocabulary and appropriate grammar, as well as demonstrate fluency by reading short novels, and completing interactive speaking and listening activities.

Our Grade 8 math program consists of solving, interpreting, and graphing algebraic relationships, with an emphasis on strengthening students’ problem-solving skills, critical reasoning ability, and number sense. The coursework includes polynomials, linear, quadratic, and radical and rational functions. Standard and honors level classes study mathematics within the context of real-world applications and a systems-of-equations driven small business project during Winter Term.

Students complete analytical, personal, creative, and expository writing tasks, making full use of the writing process to produce high-quality and effective writing pieces, including a five-paragraph essay on moral courage. 

Reading journals for Grade 8 students highlight close reading skills as they summarize and make use of inferences, character observations, and setting observation, all while fostering higher level thinking skills. Students participate in class-led dynamic and organic discussion on reading selections, and even respond to peer journals and provide specific feedback on the use of elements for classmates.

Derby academy, Private School, South Shore, Hingham