In the Grade 6 Program at Derby, students begin switching classrooms according to subject. Therefore there is an emphasis on fostering students' independence. The English and history curriculum share an interdisciplinary theme of 'identity', and the science curriculum also focuses on the human body. Teachers focus on helping students get to know themselves, their motivations and goals, and encourage them to examine why they believe the things they do. Sixth graders also choose their foreign language - French, Spanish or Latin, as well as some art electives. A highlight of the year is the much-anticipated 6th Grade Play. Every student has a role, whether on the stage or behind the scenes developing the set, props, costumes, sound and lighting. Students work together and get to know one another in a way they otherwise might not—and the result is a more collaborative and united peer group.

Upper School Curriculum

Grade 6 Highlights

  • Thematic English and History Units
  • Math and Science Double Periods
  • Language Choice of French, Spanish and Latin
  • Arts Electives
  • DARE Education
  • Future Cities
  • Camp Wing Outdoor Education Trip
  • Sixth Grade Play
  • Clubs
  • Cross-Grade Peer Pals


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