A Child-Centered Approach

Our Kindergarten classroom spaces are warm and engaging. We are intentional and thoughtful in our grouping of children, allowing for differentiated learning, personal attention, and a focus on the emotional, academic, and creative growth of every student.

A full-day program, Kindergarten offers a balanced literacy approach through guided and shared reading, multi-sensory phonics with a focus on Fundations, Writer’s Workshop, word work activities, and controlled language and reading instruction. Each child benefits from working in small groups with dedicated classroom teachers and instruction from our reading and math specialists.

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Classroom teachers provide hands-on math and science instruction, and work very closely with our math specialist and our school-wide science department. Specific math skills taught through our Bridges to Mathematics curriculum include 1:1 correspondence, patterning, addition, and subtraction. Kindergarteners also learn about the world of science from our rich thematic units: Farm, Forest, Space, and Ocean.

Specialist teachers enrich our program weekly with Spanish, art, library, physical education, and music. Multiple cross-curricular experiences are available throughout the year with other grades and the Pals program pairs Kindergarten students with Grade 4 students as they meet for special projects and exploration.

Derby Academy, Hingham, Private School, South Shore, Kindergarten
Kindergarten Highlights
  • Math Morning 
  • Talent Show Participation
  • Tending the School Garden
  • Field Trips
  • Dissections
  • STEM Explorations
  • Musical Performances 
  • Bike Rally
  • Yoga
  • Museum and Planetarium Visits
  • Zero the Hero
Derby Academy, Hingham, kindergarden, Private school, south Shore