The Pre-Kindergarten Program at Derby is where a holistic approach to education is most apparent. Children ages four to six are often focused on their own wishes, needs and activities, the social skills of waiting, listening to others, sharing and turn taking can be a work in progress. While participating in language arts, numeracy or science activities, or joining together for art projects, athletic instruction or community projects, children are coached in these important life skills. By providing a physically and emotionally safe environment with consistent rules and expectations and predictable daily requirements and routines, children feel comfortable and confident throughout the school day.

Primary School Curriculum

Pre-Kindergarten Highlights

  • Fall Festival
  • Children's Garden Visits
  • Tinker Tuesdays
  • South Shore Nature Center partnership
  • Primary School Math Morning
  • Gingerbread Hunt
  • Pirate Picnic

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The best educational choice on the South Shore for Pre-K through Grade 8 education.