Grade 3

Our Grade 3 students build on the students' ability to work both independently and cooperatively.

As units progress, teachers gradually release responsibility into the students' hands, making them accountable for their own learning. Students play active roles as they take turns leading discussions, summarizing, and defining new vocabulary.

Building comprehension and inferential thinking skills are large components of the Grade 3 writing and reading program. Selections from a variety of forms of literature help students develop reading comprehension strategies and vocabulary. Through Writer’s Workshop our students’ view themselves as authors of a variety of genres, including opinion, narrative, and informational writing. Other language arts work includes explicit phonics instruction and cursive writing.

Grade 3 math topics include learning categorical and numerical data; exploring connections between fractions and decimals; and recognizing math families and numeric patterns; modeling mathematical situations, all while working toward mastery of multiplication tables through 12.

Spanish lessons build confident conversational skills as students better express themselves, improve vocabulary, and write in another language. Our students use multiple library resources, sites, and apps to support classroom projects such as motion animation videos, and Prezi and Google Slides. Art concepts learned in previous grades are put into practice as students connect their curriculum with art projects throughout the year, and music classes learn about the instruments of the orchestra and band. Elements of music like tempo, dynamics, and tone color are explored as students play their first wind instrument- the recorder.

Derby Academy, Lower School, Hingham
Grade 3 Highlights
  • Art Show
  • Poetry Slam
  • Living History Museum
  • Health and Fitness Fair
  • Plimoth Patuxet
  • Field Trip to ICA

Grade 3 Health and Human Body Fair

Parents and guests are guided through exercise circuits by Grade 3 students during the annual Health and Fitness Fair. Students share their studies on the muscle groups, health, and parts of the human body with creative art projects, fitness routines, and digital media presentations.

Derby Academy, Hingham, South Shore, Private School