Lower School Support Services: Kindergarten – Grade 3

As part of the reading model, the Lower School reading specialist works with small groups of first and second graders using an Orton-Gillingham approach during the block of time allotted for language arts. Orton-Gillingham is a systematic, structured and multi-sensory program. In addition, the reading specialist works with individuals and small groups on an as-needed basis to provide supplemental support in areas such as phonemic awareness, sound-symbol association, decoding, fluency, comprehension and spelling.

Arrangements are made by the school at the recommendation of the reading specialist, Lower School Division Head or homeroom teacher. Children in Kindergarten to Grade 3 are seen during the school day.

Middle and Upper School Support Services: Grades 4-8

Derby faculty provide extra-help sessions, on a regular basis, to all Grades 4-8 students in their individual courses. This is provided on an as-needed basis and is open to all students in the Middle and Upper Schools.

For students who may require additional academic supportspecifically for reading/language development, organizational/time management/study skill strategies, and/or mathematics (Grades 6-8)the School offers services beyond the regular classroom instruction and extra-help sessions. These services are provided in our Tutoring Center, and are arranged at the recommendation of the Division Head, in consultation with the classroom/homeroom teacher, a student’s parents, the Coordinator of Support Services, and, in some instances, Derby’s Consulting Psychologist. Students in this program generally meet twice per week with a tutor during a study hall period. There is an additional fee for this program, and space is limited.
    • Academic Support


      Academic Support

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