• An aerial view of the private school Derby Academy in Hingham, MA

      An aerial view of the private school Derby Academy in Hingham, MA

      An aerial view of the private school Derby Academy in Hingham, MA


Derby Academy is a coeducational, Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 8 school that nurtures the development of the child by providing opportunities for the maximum intellectual, emotional and physical growth of each student. Our dedicated faculty inspires students to discover the joy of intellectual curiosity, mastery of learning skills and service to the community. Students are also guided toward an awakening sense of personal responsibility in order to prepare them to make ethical and mindful contributions in an increasingly interdependent world.

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  • Core Values

    Derby Academy is a school in which strong interpersonal relationships and rigorous programs work together to ensure that children flourish.

    • Excellence
    • Personal responsibility, civility, collaboration and good sportsmanship
    • A love of learning and creative expression
    • The relationship between teachers and students
    • The partnership between the School and parents
    • Respect for individual differences, cultures, customs and beliefs while seeking points of unity
    • A multicultural school community and an innovative curriculum that provide maximum opportunities for learning
  • Vision Statement

    Derby Academy will prepare Prekindergarten through Grade 8 students to be knowledgeable, compassionate and effective leaders in a world that is changing rapidly. This will be accomplished by offering exemplary programs that set high expectations in an atmosphere which nurtures, supports and encourages all students to reach their potential. We will offer a curriculum distinguished by its breadth of focus together with its ability to teach the new core competencies students need to be prepared to be productive citizens in a more interconnected world. The faculty will help students master the skills and concepts that provide the foundation for future learning through a rich variety of experiences that also ignite a passion for lifelong learning and responsible citizenship.

    Derby Academy recognizes that in order to remain a school of excellence we must continue to attract and retain talented faculty who are dedicated to inspiring students to learn and who are diligent in the implementation of the School’s mission. We must also strive to identify a broader and more diverse group of families who are committed to the mission of the School and who will make positive contributions to the school community. Preservation of the quality of teaching and learning will require sufficient funding for competitive salaries, innovative programs and generous financial aid. Advancement efforts will focus on refining and expanding fundraising efforts and will strive to increase the School’s endowment in order to keep tuitions affordable. 

    The faculty and administration will work to create and sustain effective partnerships with all families by encouraging open lines of communication, cultivating a common vision and ensuring that interactions are mutually respectful. In so doing, we seek to be an attractive option for a diverse group of students, families and teachers. Together we will create and sustain an inclusive, equitable community which values diversity and multiculturalism and provides maximum opportunities for learning.
  • Diversity Statement

    At Derby Academy, we recognize and value the characteristics that contribute to each individual’s full identity, to include race, gender, age, ethnicity, religion, culture, nationality, family structure, language, sexual identity, socioeconomic background, physical differences and learning styles. Our mission is to cultivate a school community infused with a multiplicity of voices and perspectives. By moving beyond individual experiences, we learn to think critically, adapt, communicate, collaborate, imagine, understand and grow. Our goal is to create a safe and welcoming environment where each person freely brings his or her whole self to school each day, confident that every individual will be respected. We believe that being a truly inclusive community requires constant attention, at times involving moments of uncertainty and misunderstanding. We dedicate ourselves to use conversation as a catalyst for the growth and change we seek.
The best educational choice on the South Shore for Pre-K through Grade 8 education.