Through investigation Middle School students develop and utilize a scientific vocabulary and build on skills learned in the Lower School as they classify, compare and contrast, construct models and express ideas creatively. They make observations, examine and interpret data, keep systematic records, measure in the metric system, manipulate information mathematically and use scientific tools. In the process, students become well-grounded in independent research, collaborative problem solving and critical thinking.
  • Grade 4 Science

    A hands-on approach to understanding science concepts
    Topics: The metric system, the brain and learning, animal migration, nutrition, the physics of sound, chemical reactions, consumer science, vermicomposting, plants.

    Process: Using the engineering and design cycle, design experiments to answer questions, follow multi-step procedures, demonstrate safe and accurate use of age-appropriate lab equipment, use and create system models, collect, record, interpret and present data.
  • Grade 5 Science

    A hands-on approach to understanding science concepts
    Topics: The brain, astronomy, simple machines, ecology.

    Process: Using the scientific method, research projects and presentations, laboratory investigations, laboratory report format, dissection, estuary field work, Delta Science Modules.

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